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Joshua is a photographer, designer and printer whose work is known for its playful, off-kilter view of the world. Traditional analogue techniques, unusual materials and a spirit of experimentation characterise much of his work, as he looks for beauty in unexpected places. 

This spirit is reflected in Joshua’s most recent series, Launderama, which is an odyssey around London's launderettes, washeterias and coinwashes. Launderama is a portrait of a unique yet endangered institution, celebrating the communities, design and humanity of the humble launderette. 

Joshua’s work has been exhibited at Clerkenwell Design, London Design Week, the Other Art Fair and the Brick Lane Gallery. His current exhibition runs at the WWW Gallery, 81 Salusbury Road, NW6 from November 2nd-17th.

Joshua is exclusively represented by The Artful Project.

You can find Joshua on Instagram and Twitter as COINOP_LONDON. He only posts pictures of launderettes. 

  • Instagram - Black Circle
  • Twitter coinop_london
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